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Diary of an Ambivert

Diary of an Ambivert: This April first, I woke up feeling grateful. Although emotions are transcending, I am thankful for the clouds, sunshine, people in my life, and everything in between. Time is our most valuable asset, and now that we have all collectively been set on pause, this time has encouraged a phase of introspection. Look back at how far you have come. At one point, you were entirely incapable of feeding yourself, walking, talking, fending, and maybe you still feel that way, but the reality is you are completing big things just by living. Humans have gone above and beyond at modifying our essential tasks that we no longer have to apply thought to live. Generally, things have been mapped out for us, and we follow. Our pace remains the same, and we don't slow down, and rarely do we ever stop.

If you have found yourself married to check-lists, religiously adhering to your schedule, or counting down days to the next 'worthwhile' moment, we've been set free from that disorder. Take this time, a form of intangible gold, and utilize it to invest in yourself and the spirits you love. An optimistic focus and a spin on gratitude welcome the positive change and connections we seek. Through the course of the day, I am sure many of us juggle emotions and feel overwhelmed by boundaries and fears, but know that that is okay. The more we feel, think, and create, the more we return to being human.

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