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Streams come true! 🌠

After many late nights scrolling through online ads, missing opportunities, we have landed on our heart's ❤️ content. We are delighted to be the owners of our new-to-us 1973 Airstream Land Yacht. This beautiful vessel sat in Iowa 🌽 before the man who sold it to brought it back to Oak Creek, Colorado, and decided he was ready to start a new project. Looking at the well-loved shell that holds character but is still in great condition, we knew it was time to strike; the iron — or aluminum, rather — was hot! The deal was closed in under twelve hours, and we picked up this 31-foot bundle of joy and towed it to Deep Creek, where my aunt and uncle have graciously let us keep it while we begin this renovation. Excitement is an understatement.

To take a trip in time, you would know, my (RR's) grandparents were semi-permanent residents in their 40 foot Airstream RV where they would travel the United States and Mexico. My grandparent's love of Airstreams was passed down from my Grandfather's Dad, who also owned one in the early 1960s. The shining silver vehicle was kept in pristine condition, named Sir. Ratherby, as my Mimi would have 'rather have been sailing ⛵.' As a young child, I was lucky enough to experience many special trips - driving to Quebec 🇨🇦, Michigan, New Mexico 🌶, and throughout Wyoming 🦬, to name a few. There were occasional Winters where Sir. Ratherby would be parked outside our house 🏠 in Boulder and having it parked there; I took pride in how insanely fantastic Airstream are.

To be an owner of an Airstream is genuinely the 'stream de la stream.' We can't wait to share what we will be doing next follow our new account @luckyburros & stay tuned for our IGTV & Youtube updates ✔️


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