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Ode to Mothers

Today is Mother's Day, which can take on many meanings to each their own. Whether you are honoring your biological mother or simply the lead nurturer in your life—or even self, these figures have guided us with their matrilineal instincts. Mothers selflessly remain devoted to their children, helping each navigate between right and wrong while also illuminating the path to proceed confidently into life. Societally, I feel the love and energy provided by mothers has been dismissed, and importance has not been weighted enough regarding how pivotal their efforts are. Every day should be in celebration and appreciation of Mothers.

I have been humbled by the love and fortitude that my mom has inspired in me. She fostered my courage, compassion, and ability to remain open-minded. Individually, she has grown into the definition of resilience; she has fought for her life, fought for my dad's life, and has embodied what it means to care for another with her entire being. She is a nurturer with a profoundly thoughtful heart. Publically I will never be able to show enough adoration for just how much she has done for me, but I firmly recognize I wouldn't be where I am today without her love and care. She is the real deal. I love her so.

Today we also celebrate Ryan's Mom, Michelle. She and my mom share many similarities; they are tough as nails, incredibly hard-working, and have the biggest hearts. She raised two awesome boys, maybe three if we include John, hehe, just kidding! It is a blessing to feel grateful for your Mother-In-Law. I also lucked out with two amazing grandmothers, Mimi and Nana, so beautifully special and unique.

And lastly, this past year, the weight of holidays has shifted; I recognize how days of significance can be felt differently by so many. So, together let's remain gentle and honor the mothers who are unable to see their children, mothers who have lost a child, those who have lost their mothers, those who have a strained relationship with their mothers, and those who long to be mothers. Compassion is the greatest gift we can offer one another.


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