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With a longtime passion for photography, Rachel Rae has learned to provide value to others by capturing photographs. Throughout the latter part of high school and college, Rachel Rae was a Creative Assistant to world-renowned photographer Darcy Kiefel of Kiefel World Photography in Boulder, Colorado; together, they photographed many events, portraits, and dozens of weddings. One of Rachel Rae’s favorite experiences was photographing a week-long Mobility International (MIUSA) Conference in Eugene, Oregon, where they captured beautiful images of Disabled Female delegates from all around the world. 


Rachel Rae’s most notable project was a trip to Placencia Village, Stann Creek, Belize photographing the culture and people surrounding a socio-economic plaza development with Belize Barrier Reef Properties. Two weeks were spent heavily photographing the area. It was a life-changing experience with beautiful photographs to share. 


Since Rachel Rae’s earlier years, she has expanded into the landscape, wildlife, portrait, and food photography. Food photography has become one of her new favorite muses working with clients like Yampa Sandwich Company and their delicious fare. 

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