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One Year Married

One year married —

Marriage is communication, respect, and a commitment to focus on the greater good of your counterpart. It's moments of sacrifice, greeted by warning signs of don't eat the last cookie, its smiles and words of encouragement, and tear-stained shoulders of a teeshirt. It's FaceTiming them with, "do you want this or that?" and raising awareness that maybe we've reached the final sprint of our Netflix bender. It's the tired times between working too much and waking before the sun. It's a hand to hold when you're content and one to squeeze when you're unwell. It's belly laughs and sleeping on roof racks. It's sometimes cereal for dinner and other times fajitas in the middle of nowhere. It's the joy of knowing you have someone to launch rockets of praise to hype one another up. It's also someone ready to throw hands or burn a couch if you need them to. It's the addition of another mom and dad and a whole bonus family to learn about and love on. It's the belief that you're better at approaching the days together, knowing dang well, you don't want to listen to them chew their food, but booting up and biting your tongue. It's a newfound confidence in yourself that if you're worthy of their love, you're worthy of anything. Marriage is more than a ring, more than your vows; it's the slow and steady moments between milestones.

Christopher Ryan Wix has been the world's greatest blessing and, without hesitation, has carried me through the most trying phase of my existence. His spontaneous gift of marriage, this day, last year was the ultimate sacrifice and display of unconditional love. To share our day with our parents, my dad, and immediate family, in a final stretch of earthly life, will remain unmatched and forever cherished. The peace and closure of our wedding in my childhood backyard—the last day my dad ever went outside—will forever make my heart sing with happiness. Ryan made my biggest dream come true.

The past year has exuded love, growth, and connection—while remaining motivated by our separate spheres; we have with effort grown as one. Thank you to everyone who has supported and loved us along the way


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