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Client Spotlight: Green Earth Medicinals

This year I have been blessed with working a new client, Green Earth Medicinals. This clinically formulated brand of CBD botanicals is headquartered in Ashland, Oregon, by a team of outstanding individuals. I have been pleased to hop on board working on their social media and marketing initiatives.

A little bit about the company...

Green Earth Medicinals was born from a belief that cannabinoid-based medicine has a role to play in managing health and addressing serious chronic conditions. Dr. Christian Le, a board-certified physician with over a decade of experience in cannabinoid therapies, began consulting with patients who were choosing to add hemp CBD and medical Cannabis to their wellness regimens.

Dr. Le soon recognized that there was insufficient scientific data and product consistency in hemp CBD products hitting shelves across the country.

Working in collaboration with our Chief Formulator, Dr. Jason Miller, Dr. Le sought to create a new standard of accountability for hemp CBD products in the marketplace. Doctors Le and Miller have applied their passion for wellness and their extensive clinical experience working with patients with chronic diseases to the creation of Green Earth Medicinals – a line of CBD botanical products with verified purity and potency.

Below are a series of images I have curated thus far:

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