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Hello, Yampa Sandwich Co.

The Turkey Ridgeline - a best seller!

Imagine you sit down, and in minutes someone brings you over a freshly prepared sandwich. Looking at your plate, it seems to be love at first sight, but perhaps it will be love at first bite? You stop yourself from instantly inhaling the creation before you, a sandwich of such stature needs to be thoroughly admired. Doing a once over, you fully take in the perfectly toasted baguette permeating an insatiable scent. Are sandwiches supposed to smell this good? Who knew? You think to yourself, wow, this is for me? What did I do to deserve such beauty? The sammie is composed of a heavenly combination of grilled chicken, chèvre, creamy pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, crisp field greens, delicately drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette. Your eyes are glazed over; your stomach moans out of excitement. It’s time to dive into all of its sandwich glory. You carefully pick it up, and your teeth sink in, your tastebuds begin to cheer. And so the sandwich-loving adventure began.

Without further ado, it is my pleasure to present a debrief on one of my dear clients, Yampa Sandwich Company, formerly known as Backcountry Delicatessen. The two founders, Dave Pepin and Pete Boniface, have grown their business model into a thriving location for foodies and sandwich-lovers alike. The original site has become a landmark in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with a second location in Fort Collins, and an additional three opening up in the Denver area. Their menu is equipped with classic and unique combinations, with something for everyone. Culturally this fast-casual chain has been built on the values of providing excellent quality food and exceeding customer service. All five locations have lovely staff members, whom I have gotten to know very well.

Together we have accomplished numerous photoshoots, design debriefs, and two-plus years of social media content curation, and most notably, our efforts during the massive rebrand. It has been an excellent learning experience taking on the excitement and challenges of the 21st restaurant industry. Below I have included some (definitely not all) of some of the marketing pieces I have contributed.

Interested in seeing more food photography? Please let me know!

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