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The Caritas Center

The Caritas Center is located in Boulder, Colorado

I am thrilled to announce my partnership as a Digital Marketing Specialist with The Caritas Center located in Boulder, Colorado. This nonprofit follows a 150-year healing tradition as practiced by Spiritist Healers in Brazil, in which energy medicine techniques are combined with studies in psychospiritual and metaphysical subjects in order to promote the highest level of healing and awareness of body, mind, and spirit. In addition, by applying the Spiritist philosophy of compassionate service as a vehicle for personal growth, the Caritas community emphasizes the benefits of helping others. As a witness to this philosophy, Caritas healers, upon completion of the center's training course in energy medicine, anatomy/physiology, and spiritual awareness, volunteer their services in the center's free healing clinic.

The center opened its doors in November 2003, following a week-long series of healing workshops, healing sessions, and weekend seminars on Spiritist philosophy given by a visiting Brazilian healer. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity.

The Caritas Center's Mission

Through energy healing, lectures, and workshops, The Caritas Center:

  • It promotes the highest level of healing and awareness of body, mind, and spirit by means of energy medicine, wellness technologies, and psychospiritual training.

  • Introduces Spiritist philosophy as practiced in Brazilian Spiritist Centers – a philosophy of compassion, love, and service based in metaphysical science.

  • It provides community access to experts and leading-edge research in the fields of consciousness, healing, and the convergence of science and spirituality.

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