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Take It Outside

When you suffer from a case of doubt, take it outside. Go outside. Feel the sun, breathe the oxygen, see the sky, touch the ground. Close your eyes, and with the best of your ability, remember you are fundamentally okay. You are simply human. You are precious, and nothing is consistent about life, let nothing crumble your confidence, let nothing distract you from what you feel your purpose is. When you take it outside, you can reaffirm that you are only a speckle of life in the expansive timeline of eternity and that there is a life far beyond the circle that surrounds you.

As humans, we have developed beautiful civilizations, magnificent cultures, and scientific strides in technology, defining the unknown. With all of this continuous creation, humans have seen the world change rapidly, our perceptions have been altered, and our subconscious thoughts have transitioned into extrinsic desires looking for fulfillment. The surrounding voices are telling us we are never enough and never satisfied.

When I have felt my greatest struggles, I have turned to the outside. To feel small and insignificant and to position my problems in the grand scheme of life. To find closure and solitude in my acceptance of how life is placed before me. I am fundamentally okay because of my understanding that life is life, and nothing is permanent. I return outside, to see the land in its raw form and feel apart of a far broader picture. Growth will continue, and as I move forward, I will honor that time outside. I will explore the ground, inhale the morning rays of the sun, and climb into the clouds. I will take it outside to feel the joys and unpredictable personality of nature itself.

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