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"Figuring Things Out"

Sometimes it feels difficult to figure out what you want to do, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there? Looking into the future, I plan to sit down and write goals that I will fulfill during the upcoming years of my young adult life. These are no ifs, ands, or buts, these are "things" that I am determined to complete. The following thoughts are the framework for creating these goals.

I will be headstrong

One of my biggest goals entering adult life is to be responsibly headstrong and understand the worth and value that I can bring. There are times I feel immeasurable, but I no longer want to fall short of the respect I know I deserve for myself. I cannot spend anymore time criticizing the unchangeable. It is when I become the headstrong individual I desire, I will consistently make things happen and flourish doing so. I am worth it.

Secondly, I want to aim to be as authentic as possible. I do not want to waver when it comes to being the person that I am. I want to act, care, love, associate, and be with people who all know and understand me for the person I congruently am in life. Young adults perpetually struggle with determining who they are at the right moments. My life is too short to fool around being too many different people, I just want to be myself. I want to love the things that I love, embrace being an early morning riser, and be the most authentic version of myself. My time is now and it's not too late.

Health. This should be moved to the top of the list, but sits at number three as my youth still protects it for what it is. I aspire to be the healthiest version of myself and to love the person I am on the inside and out. I want to eat clean, exercise, and treat my body, mind, and spirit with the grace it deserves. I would like to find an exercise regime that ignites excitement within and fulfills my athletic goals. Taking time every single day to engage with my spirit should also become a must. Nowadays we run ourselves into the ground and forget to acknowledge the internal flame that makes us who we are. I would like to honor that flame. I will not create specific health related goals, nothing pertaining to weight or image, because that, as it should be, is always changing. It has taken myself a long time to feel comfortable in the skin that I am in and moving forward I just want to be the healthiest version of myself that I can reasonably be. Life without health is nothing.

In the future I would like to see myself praying regularly, whether it be to God, Buddha, the Universe, my neighbor's cat, etc, I don't have a preference. I would like to take time out of every single day to appreciate, give thanks, and pray for the needs of others. During the Spring of 2018 I took it upon myself to begin to pray before going to sleep every night or pray during times of distress. I met a wonderful group of people who welcomed me into their realm of prayer that they were rooted in. At times I could physically feel their prayer and I could feel the love they were penetrating into the Universe. These were good people with love great enough to share. I would like to aim to always be like these people and to take time to share the love that I have to give. I would like to pray during times of happiness and make prayer a tool to convey love. During my experience with prayer "giving thanks" has been helpful towards relieving the weight my heart carries, listing the countless things that I am grateful for has been what gets me through the nights when I cannot fall asleep. So, the time is now to pray.

Piggybacking off of the thought of prayer I would like to expand my reach of love. I would like to show more human beings random acts of kindness and love. I would like to create relationships and friendships that cannot be faltered. During my lifetime I will focus on the quality interactions I have with people, friends, and family.

Experience. We are always experiencing things. My goal is to always be present in that experience. To take in the good and the bad and to be present in all situations that I encounter. I want to be a part of the experience and take away every moment. The stage I am in right now, "figuring things out" seems like wasted time to some people, but I can tell you I am taking every moment of my life in right now. I am taking in all of the sensations, learning from my parents, enjoying my morning coffee, and getting to know how I can create the direction of life I want to pursue. In short, there is nothing wrong with taking time to figure yourself out, life is a long trip and if you're not interested in rushing into decisions then you simply don't have to, it's the experience that counts, not just the end goal.

Figuring things out with a hand on the head, Rachel Rae Roderick in black and white.

When I do figure things I out, I will be sure to write about it, but for now peace, blessings, and prayers to all of the other lovely humans who are "figuring things out" as well.

xo -R

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