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Where a thought becomes an action, let's make it happen.

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Living and loving life are what I do best, aside from being passionate about creative expression and the implementation of marketing strategy. I strive to alternatively "join the conversation" and help others creatively tell their own stories through entrepreneurial endeavors and brand development


Made in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, Rachel Rae Roderick was brought up by the love and strength of two entrepreneurial parents, Tom and Donna. Following years in the commercial real estate industry, Tom made the move to become a full-time artist and participant in the twenty-first era pop art movement. Donna gladly supported this mission and became a digital marketing guru selling paintings and prints around the world. Their undeniable quirkiness and raw talents inspired and drive for Rachel Rae to have a beautifully authentic and successful life. 

Rachel Rae welcomes challenges and seeks opportunities that allow for creative liberations and new modes of expression. Her roots closely follow her goal-oriented parents. Enabling her to pursue Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Information Technology at Colorado State University. Passionate about communication, design, and cross-cultural understanding, she has soared through her academic career. Working with a variety of client portfolios, Rachel Rae has experience directing creative initiatives in the restaurant, hospitality, fine arts, and health and wellness industries, to name a few. 

In her limited free time, she is undeniably committed to answering the phone when nature calls and to see all that the world has to offer. Throughout her time in academia, she has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles exploring everywhere from the West Indies to the South Island of New Zealand. All of her adventures, she is accompanied by her trusted companion, a camera, of course. Photography is her greatest passion, as it encapsulates her life’s greatest moments. Like her father, drawing and painting come naturally, dating back to the fifth grade when her American History notes would be historical drawings and narratives rather than a few makeshift bullet points. Her creativity spans farther than her fingertips allow. 

Rachel Rae is unique as she is thoughtful and deliberate with all actions and encounters. She looks to find continuous improvement through countless iterations and understanding she is simply human. Her strategic organization, innovative thinking, and pure optimism are embedded in her character. With confidence, Rachel Rae colors the skies blue and aims always to add value. 

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